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Explore A Forgotten World!


Wisata Papua Indah specialises in providing the best travel experience in Raja Ampat. We create bespoke tours catering to our clients individual plans. We don’t only make plans, we help you build experiences and memories.

Get inspired for your journey!

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Who We Are

Dynamic. Authentic. Independent.

At Wisata Papua Indah, we continually strive for complete customer satisfaction. Our enthusiasm for Raja Ampat's natural beauty is unbroken and we are determined to get you to the places unspoilt by the recent tourism explosion.

Only when your travel experience surpasses your expectations, will we be satisfied.


Great Journeys. Fascinating Places. Unforgettable Memories.

Our Services

At our core is the believe in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences. Whether you’re getting ready to explore Raja Ampat's wilderness or are preparing for exotic island hopping, planning a trip has never been easier.

Let us show you a forgotten world!


Why Chose Us?

Raising the Bar

We understand your time is valuable and limited, with us you will get the most out of it. Undoubtedly, tourism in Raja Ampat is booming - fortunately though, it is concentrated on fairly small area. The majority of the over 1000 islands making up the archipelago have almost no tourism.

Together we will explore the most astonishing parts of this forgotten world in a unique way.

Personalised Attention

From the First Moment

In our hearts we believe building a close relationship to our guests is the key to providing superb service. We love what we do - and you will feel that from the first inquiry throughout your entire trip.

Tell us what you want to do in

Raja Ampat - we will make it happen.

Professional Approach

We Take Care of Everything

Don't waste endless hours

researching details over your next trip, we've got you covered. Accommodation, transport, fees, permits, activities and everything else is handled by us.

The only thing left to do for your is to enjoy a perfect holiday.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customised. Exclusive. Unique.

All our itineraries are based around our clients personal interests and preferences, rather than having fixed schedules. We believe this is the way to ensure you will have the best experience possible.

Let us help you build unforgettable memories in magnificent places.


Special Packages and Deals

Raja Ampat's Wonders Tailored into Incredible Trips

Wayag and Beyond

Wayag - Raja Ampat

Nature and Adventure

We will visit the iconic islands of Wayag, where you can enjoy what is probably the world's most beautiful lagoon. At some of the less famous islands we can watch sea turtles nesting on the beach and explore Raja Ampat's incredible nature, above and below the surface.

Beautiful Batanta

Batanta Raja Ampat Traditional Village.j

Forest meets Sea

The smallest of the "Four Kings", Batanta is an underestimated destination. Pristine rainforest teeming with wildlife covers the hills, while underwater colourful coral gardens await to be explored. You will be looking for dugongs and Birds of Paradise, trek to waterfalls and stay in Raja Ampat's most picturesque village.

Mesmerising Misool

Misool Raja Ampat

Rocks and Reefs

For a long time off the radar of most visitors, Misool is slowly becoming a go-to destination for more experienced tourists. The reefs here are among the most colourful in all Raja Ampat, while the karst islands compete with Wayag for the title of world's most magnificent landscape.