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We believe in providing a personalised service on each and every one of our tours.
Let our exceptional team take you on a trip full of experiences to last a lifetime.

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Biographies & Motivations

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CEO and Founder

Born in a small village on Seram, South Maluku, Reny came to stay in Papua with her uncle almost 2 decades ago. Years later she moved to Makassar for university before eventually returning to Sorong. She has been working here with tourists ever since.

After working for hotels and resorts, Reny founded Wisata Papua Indah out of the desire to provide guests a more personalised holiday in Raja Ampat. Her motivation is simple:

"My goal is to find out about each client's personal preferences and turn your trip into a unique mix of adventure and leisure, just right for you. Let me help you create memories to last a lifetime."



Guide and Assistant Manager

Originally from Batanta, Niko and his family moved to Waisai when he was in his teens. After encountering more and more tourists there he decided to become a guide himself. Now in his early twenties, this young Papuan has made his dream come true.

Niko quickly built a reputation as a highly motivated and reliable companion and has been working with us from the very beginning. Being notoriously friendly and ever helpful, Niko is one of our guest's favourites - and for good reason. His intimate knowledge of Raja Ampat's hidden secrets make him an excellent choice to explore the archipelago with.

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Assistant Guide and Crew

Born and raised in a small village in the centre of Raja Ampat's, Pakis has been working in different parts of Papua from a very young age. After finally returning, he helped out at a relative's homestay where he realised he had found his real passion.

Pakis has been helping out at an NGO providing education and healthcare to children in his village, Sawinggrai on the island of Gam in Raja Ampat. By doing this he has managed to learn basic english and gained an insight in many different areas. Pakis is always good for fun, but he will lend a hand wherever it is needed.


Our Story

Missions and Goals

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Wisata Papua Indah was created out of our desire to show you Papua's forgotten world from a unique perspective. Our goal is to combine Raja Ampat's marvellous nature and its fascinating culture into an unparalleled experience. With our profound knowledge of the archipelago, we will lead you away from the usual and into the beating heart of paradise.

Our number 1 priority is to provide superb customer service. Since our establishment, we have provided our guests with all the travel services they need to ensure a memorable, hassle free holiday.

Dreaming of the perfect trip? By exploring ever new corners of our island world, we promise to take you to the your perfect destinations. Whatever type of trip you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today and let us take care of the rest.

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Incredible Nature

Understand. Respect. Preserve.

At Wisata Papua Indah we do our best to keep Raja Ampat's rich fauna and flora intact. We have deep rooted respect for this very special environment and want to protect it for the future.

Our goal is to give everybody a profound understanding of this unique ecosystem and all its interconnections. There is no need for lessons and classes. Throughout our trip we will analyse what we come across and see how every creature and plant plays its own, unique part.

We have no doubt we will enthuse you with our passion and before you know it, you too will feel a deep connection to this piece of paradise.

Take nothing, but photos - leave nothing but footprints.


Our Responsibility

Is To Provide A Sustainable Livelihood

One of our core concepts is to work together with local communities. We actively encourage and advise Raja Ampat's people to set up their own businesses. Sustaining culture and livelihood through local tourism businesses will not only ensure the preservation of nature for the future, but also provide you with the unique experience you are looking for.

The selected accommodation and guides we work with can not only count on us to bring them a steady income, but also to provide advice and constant feedback. In return, our guests can enjoy being taken care of by well organised and motivated locals.

We want to make make sure you don't miss out on the charm and excitement of Papuan lifestyle.

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What You Can Do

To Make Raja Ampat A Better Place

By traveling with us, you automatically contribute to a more prosperous future for this unique place. 10% of our profit is donated to Child Aid Papua Foundation. We have selected this NGO as our partner because we believe their amazing work is an essential cornerstone to Raja Ampat's development.

By providing education, healthcare and embracing conservation, Child Aid Papua is working on the frontline towards a better future for Raja Ampat and its people. Rather than being used in bloated structures, the money will go directly where it's most needed.

If you wish to find out more about Child Aid Papua and contribute to their awesome work, have a look at their website.


Raja Ampat

The Beating Heart Of The Coral Triangle

Mentioning this name will get most divers excited, since it's the place with the highest marine biodiversity found anywhere on the planet. From mantas to massive schools of fish and bizarre macro life - Raja Ampat's crystal clear waters are home to them all.

But not only underwater enthusiasts will find a paradise here. Above the surface a thousand islands form a miraculous archipelago, most of which are uninhabited and covered in pristine rainforest teeming with magical creatures, like the iconic birds of paradise.

Learn all about the archipelago here: 

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