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Wayag | Misool | Batanta



7 Days

We will visit the iconic islands of Wayag,
where you can enjoy what is probably the
world's most beautiful lagoon. At some of
the less famous islands we can watch sea
turtles nesting on the beach and explore
Raja Ampat's incredible nature, above and
below the surface.



9 Days

For a long time off the radar of most
visitors, Misool is slowly becoming a go-to
destination for more experienced tourists.
The reefs here are among the most
colourful in all Raja Ampat, while the karst
islands compete with Wayag for the title of
world's most magnificent landscape.

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5 Days

The smallest of the "Four Kings", Batanta
is an undervalued destination. Pristine
rainforest, teeming with wildlife covers the
hills, while underwater colourful coral
gardens await visitors. You will look for
dugongs and Birds of Paradise and stay
in Raja Ampat's most picturesque village.

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