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Where We Plan To Stay

We have listed a few alternative choices of accommodation to the destinations we have suggested. We would still suggest to stick with the plan: Dampier Straight first, optionally Wayag for 3 days and then crossing to Misool.


Dampier Straight

Raja Ampat Dive Resort

Dampier straight has become famous amongst divers all over the globe. Providing excellent diving conditions throughout the year, Raja Ampat's waters are home to the richest reefs found anywhere in the world.

Based at Raja Ampat Dive Resort, we will go out to dive some of Raja Ampat's most famous dive sites, like 'Blue Magic' or 'Cape Kri'.

Throughout the day we will visit different spots and use our time between the dives to explore the surrounding islands. There is a lot to do, from trekking and looking for birds of paradise to relaxing on empty beaches and exploring the villages.

Price: $95 per night/person + $35 per dive


Dampier Straight


This is the one place in Raja Ampat where there is quite a number of accommodations to choose from. RADR offers great value for money, but there are a couple of options for more demanding guests. If you are interested we can look up availablity, be aware that prices (incl. dives, transfer, ...) for the high end resort are around $500 per day. We recommend Raja4Divers.



Prajas Homestay + Camping

The most picturesque islands in all Raja Ampat - and possibly the whole world. Wayag is definitely worth a visit. Not only above, but also under the surface it is an extraordinary place. The currents and steep drop-offs guarantee incredible fish action, unparalleled by most other dive sites.

We will based at Prajas Homestay close to Salio village, the last outpost to the northeast. During the day we will explore the surrounding islands and doing an unforgettable dive each day.

There is the possibility to camp on Wayag's islands, which will give us a full day exploring Wayag's lagoon. We will provide all the gear, catch fresh fish and provide delicious meals.

If you want to visit Wayag, there is no real alternative to homestays as accommodation.

3 Days - $650 per person




There is no alternative to Prajas Homestay if you want to visit Wayag. There are some more homestays around Salio village, but non of them has a standard even close to Prajas.



Panun Paradise

Misool's coral gardens are incredibly rich, even for Raja Ampat's standards. The diving here is amazing and only very few tourists come her

We will stay at a locally owned resort and do 2 dives per day. Our dive spots will vary from day to day and between our dives we have time to explore Misool's fantastic islands. We will hike up some viewpoints, visit the heart-shaped lagoon, swim in the jellyfish lake, explore caves with ancient paintings and relax on empty, postcard-perfect islands.

Misool is far and the ferry takes 4-5 hours to reach the islands from Sorong. The ferry leaves from Sorong to Misool every MON, WED and FRI, while returning from Misool to Sorong every TUE, THU and SAT. Once you have roughly set your travel dates we will figure out the right time to go.

Price $200 per night/person




As a more affordable option there is another clean homestay in Misool area. On the other end of the line we have Misool Eco Resort (MER), which falls into an entirely different price class.


Batanta - Optional

Sun Homestay

Batanta is the smallest of the 4 main islands in Raja Ampat. The mountain ridge spanning from east to west over the island is covered in dense jungle home to a variety of birds.

The western part of Batanta offers superior diving, with a lot of fish action and beautiful coral gardens. Between dives we can visit waterfalls and with a bit of luck we will come across dugongs as well. Apart from one or the other liveaboard the area is usually of the tourist's paths and we will be diving on our own most of the time.

Sun homestay has basic, yet solid accommodation and excellent food. The village however is the most beautiful in all of Raja Ampat. People here are very keen to keep up their traditions and all houses are built in traditional style.




There are 3 resorts on Batanta and on close by islands, unfortunately all on the eastern part of the main island. If you wish to stay in a resort we would recommend Papua Paradise Resort.



What other options do we have?

In addition to the options mentioned above, especially around Dampier Straight there are quite some options to choose from:

You will find even more resorts on the internet, but these are the ones we have personal (and good) experience with and where we know they give something back - either in form of community projects or environmental protection. However, neither of these places is cheap and once you calculate all the extras (diving, transport, ...) you will usually end up at around $400-$500 a night.

Again, and  I can't stress this enough, many are fully booked by now.


Staying at Resorts

What's the difference?

We don't want to rip you off. If you chose a resort from the high end segment for either a part of or you entire stay, there is no point in paying us extra to accompany you. Mentioned resorts have professional guides, good diving equipment and follow save diving practice.

If you decide to go with us for a part of your holiday and stay at resort for the rest of the time, or even if you decide to spend your entire holiday at a resort, we will be happy to assist you with further information and booking. For that we will ned to fix dates, before being able to check definitive availability with any of the resorts.

You will miss out on the wonderful chaos in Papua's everyday life though ;)


Other Accommodation

Nothing Cheaper?

Well, there are a couple of other options we can look into. You have mentioned one, Biodiversity Resort, before. Further there is Hamu Eco Resort, Waiwo Dive Resort and some more. However, all of them are located more or less in the same area in Dampier Straight, making the choice redundant. For this area RADR offers a great value for what you pay.

Then there is a variety of homestays, with differing standards and prices. For example, Prajas Homestay (our choice for the Wayag trip) feels more like a resort than a homestay. Although the rooms are nice and clean, the food is excellent and they offer overall great service, it is still a homestay. Facilities like bathrooms are clean but very basic.


Other Destinations

Where else can we go?

Raja Ampat has many more destinations to choose from. However, accommodation options in other places ae even more limited and you will have to stick to very basic (to say the least) homestays. If you are interested nevertheless, we will provide more information.


Find A Match

Join with other guests to keep prices down.

We want to give you the possibility to plan you trip together with our other guests. Maybe you want to visit the sam places and do the sam things. Traveling in a group will help to keep prices lower and usually is simply fun :)

And don't worry, we won't take more than 6 guests per trip.


Between 25th Nov. and 8th Dec.

2 guests plan to go on a Wayag trip for 3 to 5 days. They plan to camp one night on Wayag's beaches and explore the area.


25th Dec. to 8th Jan.

I will have 2 friends from Austria coming for a visit. I am sure they will be happy to join with you, which will make things cheaper for everyone.



Travel Made Easy


Weather and Sea Conditions

nothing to worry about

The weather in Raja Ampat is tropical warm and humid throughout the year. There are only small seasonal changes and although June/July and Dec/Jan are often referred to as rainy season, in reality there is no big change compared to any other month of the year. It is true, however, there are seasonally changing winds. From late Oct. to early April we expect calm sea and no more than a slight breeze every other day.

Visibility around this time of the year is usually around 30m or more. The water temperature is almost exactly 28.5°C, and even higher in shallow bays. Diving conditions in Raja Ampat are near perfect all around the year.

You can follow the link and check out weather data from the past years if you are looking for additional information.

Safety and Health

better safe than sorry

All our guests need to prove that they have a valid travel insurance including emergency evacuation and an insurance covering dive related accidents.

Please understand that we are operating in a remote area, where professional medical care is far away. We take safety very seriously and are equipped for most eventualities, however there is always a risk traveling in wilderness.

Don't forget to bring personal medication. Although we always have a well equipped medicine cabinet onboard, we still recommend you bring your own medicine. If you are unsure about vaccinations and prophylactic treatments (e.g. malaria), please consult a tropical medicine specialist. There are many different opinions and approaches out there, make sure to get a second opinion. Please understand that we can not advice you on these matters, since none of us is a doctor.

What's Included

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Our price includes everything from taxes and fees, to accommodation, full board, transfers, private boat and everything else that comes to mind. the only things you need to pay out of your own pocket are personal expenses like alcohol, cigarettes and souvenirs.

All Around Service

We take care of everything

From the beginning of your journey to the moment you leave, your personal guide will be by your side.

Raja Ampat's tourism is young and many of the locals are inexperienced. Miscommunication due to a lack of language and due to cultural differences are common. We are here to provide the link between local businesses and their charm on the one hand and visitors and their expectations on the other hand.

With us you don't miss out on either one - Raja Ampat's incredibly friendly people and their fascinating culture and nature, as well as reliable and professional service.

Responsible Toursim

Understand. Respect. Protect.

We at Wisata Papua Indah take these 3 simple principles very seriously.


Although the term is horribly overused nowadays, we do our best to provide and ecologically friendly form of tourism.


We work together with local businesses, providing them additional feedback and training where needed. Our goal is to bring a steady income to those who deserve it, while filtering out those who do not play by the rules.


Finding the right place for you

We have numerous accommodations we work together with. We personally have experience with every single one of them and only take you to places we believe will fit your standards.


There is a variety of price classes in accommodations. Depending on your wishes we try to find the best fit for you. To give you an idea, here are the usual rates:

  • Standard Homestays: ~ $30

  • Higher Standard Homestays/Guesthouses, Locally Owned Resorts: ~ $50 - $120

  • High Class Resorts: ~$250 - $$$$

Keep in mind that these prices are due to remoteness of the destination. Services provided do not match equal price classes in other parts of the world.


Endless Possibilities

There is a lot to do and to explore in Raja Ampat. Wherever you are, the next amazing thing is just around the corner.

Under the surface the most biodiverse marine ecosystem is waiting to be explored, while the bigger islands are covered in lush rainforest home to many endemic species. From birds of paradise to cuscus and cassowary, Raja Ampat's jungles are home to many strange creatures.

The fissured coastlines offer thousands of opportunities the explore hidden corners and beautiful island worlds, untouched by tourism and forgotten by the modern world.

We want to provide a unique experience with just the right mix of adventure and leisure for you.


We Will Keep You Updated

Hopefully we were able to provide some useful first information. We are looking forward to your feedback and will adjust our plan accordingly.


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