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Untouched and Unique - Paradise Awaits

Raja Ampat offers a virtually endless choice of pristine beaches, dramatic scenery and tropical reefs to explore.

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Let us show you a forgotten world

Great Journeys. Fascinating Places. Unforgettable Moments.

The Raja Ampat archipelago is made up of more than a thousand islands, many of which are uninhabited and hardly ever visited by tourists. Come with us and travel to the furthest corners of this already remote place.

We take you to the most fascinating islands from a unique perspective. Experience pure and unspoiled nature - this is paradise!


Splendid! Go ahead and contact us for further details. First, we will set up a draft for your journey and provide all relevant information.

Then we will adjust and tweak the plan until it’s perfect for you.

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Papua - The Main Island

Mysterious Nature And Captivating Culture

From the misty mountain peaks with their flanks covered in cloud forest to the vast expanse of lowland jungle, Papua is home to incredible ecological and ethnical diversity.

If it's adventure you are looking for, you will definitely find it in the remote corners of this fascinating island.

We will soon launch our site dedicated to our tours in Papua, meanwhile feel free to inquire here.

From swimming with the whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay to trekking in the highlands, let us take you on an unforgettable journey.